Make Your UNO Kit

︎︎︎ Product Design, Branding, Digital Marketing
On November 3rd 2022, we launched a very special product; the Make Your UNO Kit! It is a one-of-a-kind experience that guides new users through the learning process of soldering, debugging and coding their own special UNO board. For this unique project, we prepared a punchy and colorful campaign.

︎Role - Support in the product development, Creative Direction
︎Product Concept & Design by Giuseppe Pinto, Fabrizio Garda & Andrea Foschiatti
︎Content, Messaging, Marketing Strategy & Soundtrack by Anna Viganò
︎3D Direction byTu‎ǧrulhan Ektuna
︎3D Modelling byFabricio 
︎Render & Animation by Dario Laurita
︎Video Editing by Giuliano Cozzi
︎Graphic Design Fabio Ferrero
︎Portfolio Design & Mockups by Ilaria Bocca

The Product 

The Make Your UNO Kit is our first product which allows our users to learn about soldering, debugging, coding and playing as a one-stop packaged solution. It includes all necessary components to assemble and personalize an UNO board. The kit also features an interactive 3D model with step-by-step assembly instructions including the soldering steps.

When the users finish the assembly, they can directly start experimenting with a fully customizable audio synth. They can modify the cardboard packaging for creating a more friendly and personalized look to their liking.

The Campaign Concept

For the launch of the Make Your UNO Kit we decided to go bold. With full-on 80s vintage vibes, the whole campaign revolves around the theme of “Getting back to the future”.  We wanted to play with the idea of developing something new for the future by getting back to the basics of electronics and soldering. To reinforce this theme, we’ve dipped into visual references from 80s and 90s television programs, commercials and especially tv-marketing to create a flashy and campy campaign (no pun intended ✨).


As the concept of the campaign is mainly focused on 80s vibes, we didn't hold back in terms of graphical references, easter eggs, funny puns and visual clues that could resonate with an audience that lived the 80s and 90s. The campaign video is staged as it is from the eyes of a person zapping between different tv channels full of commercials. However, each segment is in fact explaining the features of our product by sharing details about its special aspects and attributes. The commercial ends with a bang, bringing you back to a fully realistic (and honestly badly dubbed) telemarketing session with our very own special tv-marketer who is the actual project manager of this product.

The 3D Design

Getting back to the past is a pretty darn task to deal with, mostly because time machines aren't still a thing (blame it on covid), so we decided to collaborate with a very talented 3D artist that helped bringing our concept to life. Together with our own 3D design team, we defined the lighting setup, color scheme, textures and materials with our concept in focus, so that the theme can be easily recognised as vintage 80s vibes. For all the 3D elements of our campaign, we used Blender.

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