Braccio ++ Launch Campaign

︎︎︎Marketing Campaign
A revolutionary, eco-friendly robotic arm, designed specifically for advanced students. Arduino® Braccio ++ is paving the way for high school and university students to dive into real-world manufacturing techniques. Students can develop real-life example projects and apply knowledge that later on will be useful in the robotic and manufacturing industry.

Arduino Braccio ++ is an Education kit designed for teaching high school and university students about robotics for tomorrow’s industry. For the product launch of Arduino Braccio ++ 3D renders and animations were produced. Braccio ++ helps students develop real-life example projects and apply knowledge that later on will be useful in shaping the future of the robotic and manufacturing industry.

︎Role - Creative Direction
︎3D Design - Tugrulhan Ektuna & Fabricio Troya
︎Post-Production - Giuliano Cozzi

︎Graphic Design - Fabio Ferrero & Christina Zhou

Key Features and Deliverables

The Braccio ++ campaign presented a unique set of challenges, marking only the second instance where we opted to integrate 3D visuals to enhance the overall concept. This endeavor demanded extensive collaboration with the 3D design team, alongside considerable effort in crafting a compelling storyboard. Working closely with video-makers and marketers, we strived to develop a storyline that would captivate our audience and effectively convey the product's value proposition.

For the visual production of this campaign, we turned to Blender, an open-source 3D development tool, as our primary choice.

︎ Credits:
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In collaboration with the marketing team, we devised a storyline centered around the theme "Give Your Students a Helping Hand." This narrative revolved around a series of playful scenarios depicting the Braccio building and assembling various architectural layouts, ranging from a university to an entire industrial plant. Our aim was to convey the message that this product serves as a tool for acquiring the skills essential for the future scientists and engineers of tomorrow.


Braccio ++ project represents a significant advancement in the field of robotics education, offering educators a powerful tool to enhance teaching methodologies and inspire the next generation of innovators. Through meticulous planning, collaboration, and innovative use of 3D visuals, we successfully launched a compelling campaign that effectively communicated the product's value proposition.
The storyline crafted around "Give Your Students a Helping Hand" resonated with our audience, highlighting the Braccio ++ as a medium for cultivating essential skills for the future. As we reflect on the project's success, we are reminded of the importance of creativity, teamwork, and forward-thinking in driving impactful solutions in education and technology. Looking ahead, we remain committed to advancing the boundaries of robotics education and empowering educators worldwide with cutting-edge tools and resources.

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