Arduino Week 2022 

︎︎︎ Event Visual Identity
Arduino Week is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s birthday, bringing people together to share their experiences and learn more about the open-source platform. It’s a mix of official activities organised by Arduino and community events around the globe. For the event we designe a series of assets inspired by our community.

Arduino Week 2022 was a dynamic and engaging campaign that celebrated innovation, creativity, and community within the Arduino ecosystem. From February 21st to 25th, 2022, Arduino enthusiasts, makers, and professionals worldwide came together to participate in a series of interactive events, workshops, and discussions. The campaign emphasized the transformative power of creativity and showcased how Arduino enables individuals to bring their ideas to life in exciting and innovative ways.

︎Role - Creative Direction
︎Illustrations - Marta Signori

︎Graphic Design - Fabio Ferrero & Christina Zhou
︎Marketing Strategy - Anna Viganò

Key Features and Deliverables

To further elevate the project, we once again sought to push boundaries by collaborating with illustrator Marta Signori. Marta crafted a series of characters, each representing one of our product lines and embodying the spirit of the Arduino community. Comprising four characters per product line, these illustrations were ingeniously merged to form a pattern, which served as the central visual theme for the entire event.
Arduino Week 2022 fostered a sense of belonging and collaboration among Arduino enthusiasts worldwide. Participants were encouraged to share their projects, ideas, and experiences on social media using the hashtag #ArduinoWeek2022, sparking meaningful conversations and connections within the community.

Arduino Week 2022 was a resounding success, attracting thousands of participants from around the globe and generating widespread excitement and enthusiasm within the Arduino community. The campaign not only showcased the versatility and potential of Arduino technology but also reinforced Arduino's position as a leading platform for innovation and creativity in the maker space.

︎ Credits:
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Arduino Week 2022 was a testament to the vibrant and dynamic nature of the Arduino community. By providing a platform for learning, collaboration, and celebration, the campaign inspired participants to embark on new projects, explore new technologies, and push the boundaries of what is possible with Arduino. As we look ahead to future editions of Arduino Week, we remain committed to fostering creativity, innovation, and community engagement within the Arduino ecosystem.

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