Visuals & Packaging Design

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.
It's intended for anyone making interactive projects.

As “in house” visual designer I take care of the overall visual appearance of the company. 
In Arduino I had the chance to challenge myself by working with an already existing visual identity. I had the luck to start with high quality materials produced by the design agency TODO.

Art Direction ................... Giorgio Olivero
Visual Design ................... Fabrizio Garda

Photography...................... Alberto Morici
Published ....................... May 2019

Thanks to:
The work made at Arduino would not exist without an outstanding team of people; a huge heartfelt thanks to: Gabriele Marchi, Giulia Galli, Laura Balboa and Stefania Mellai. A gigantic thank you to some of best professionals I’ve ever met at TODO: Giorgio Olivero, Vanessa Poli, Marta Monge and Michelle Nebiolo.

Education Products

Arduino Science Kit and CTC go! are two complete educational experiences conceived for the classroom, providing “hands on” scientific activities in the field of electronics, programming and coding.

As educational products, the visual language is playful and colorful. Graphical elements displayed in the pattern represents the content of the kit itself.

Each CTC Go! kit contains 8 student boxes. Every student box is a small kit containing everything a group of students need in order to follow exercise and projects tackled during the course.

Professional Products

The Arduino Pro Gateway is a professional kit, conceived for those users aiming to implement LoRa® connectivity to their projects.

As “PRO” intended product, the visual language required a different approach. The solution is a plain simple kit that has very few decorations and move minimal vybe.


Business cards, tote bags and informational posters are just few of the many collaterals produced at Arduino. 

Social Campaigns

Custom social campaigns are made every now and then. Holidays, special promo, contest and festivities always bring a lot of inspiration into the making.

Images Courtesy
of Arduino SA.
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