Product Launch

︎︎︎ Marketing Campaign
In 2023, Arduino embarked on an ambitious task: revamping the UNO board, one of our most iconic and widely recognized products. This significant product relaunch necessitated an extensive campaign aimed at engaging our customers, offering suggestions, and inspiring them to explore new and exciting projects with the updated board.

As we approached the launch of the UNO R4, it was imperative to create enduring content that offered lasting guidance and external validation of the board's capabilities in achieving remarkable results. Collaborating with Anna Viganò, we took on the challenge of developing a multifaceted campaign designed to captivate our customers' attention. This campaign revolved around showcasing the technical features of the board, presenting external testimonials, and providing inspirational content to spark creativity.

︎Role - Creative Direction
︎Marketing Strategy - Anna Viganò
︎Creative Direction - Fabrizio Garda
︎3D Design - Tugrulhan Ektuna & Fabricio Troya
︎Post-Production - Giuliano Cozzi

︎Graphic Design - Fabio Ferrero & Christina Zhou

Key Features and Deliverables

To ensure a successful campaign, Anna Viganò and I centered our efforts around the concept of "expanding your universe of possibilities" with this board, inspired by a space theme that guided the entire campaign development. This resulted in a comprehensive, multi-channel campaign aimed at targeting six distinct personas identified through detailed

analysis. The deliverables included various assets for social media and advertising campaigns, as well as video interviews featuring influencers in the electronics and technology fields, which were incorporated into a dense editorial calendar lasting a year. Notably, we produced a captivating video commercial combining testimonials with 3D video assets, serving as the focal point of the entire campaign.

Results and Impact

Regarded as the most successful campaign in recent Arduino history, the Arduino UNO R4 has emerged as one of the company's top sellers over the past couple of years. Its popularity continues to grow, bolstering our customer base with its unmatched blend of simplicity and versatility.
︎ Credits:
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Like every marketing campaign, our team invested considerable time researching how competitors were promoting their latest cutting-edge products. We recognized the ambitious nature of this campaign and the risk it posed: potentially cannibalizing sales of the previous board version, the UNO R3. To mitigate this, the entire campaign was carefully crafted to avoid direct references to an improved version, thereby maintaining interest in the existing product. Once the concept of "the new dimension of making" was established, we further developed visual analogies that resonated throughout the static campaign. Imagery referencing alternative realities, shifting planes, and time travel served as foundational elements for the overall visual production.

Lesson Learned

Through this campaign, we discovered the potential of multimedia campaigns to transcend conventional communication boundaries. We found that consistency and brand recognition could be enhanced through meticulous color usage and tone of voice. Moreover, we recognized the importance of giving a voice to our community, allowing them to share firsthand how our product enhanced their projects. This experience underscored the significance of incorporating diverse contributions, both internally and externally, to elevate a marketing campaign to a higher level of quality.


In conclusion, the UNO R4 launch campaign stands as a testament to the power of innovation, creativity, and strategic planning in driving success. Through meticulous research, thoughtful conceptualization, and effective execution, we achieved remarkable results, surpassing previous standards and setting a new bar for excellence within Arduino.
By focusing on engaging storytelling, visual coherence, and community involvement, we not only showcased the capabilities of our product but also strengthened our brand's connection with our audience. This campaign exemplifies our commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and delivering exceptional experiences to our customers. As we reflect on its success, we are reminded of the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement in achieving our goals.

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