Arduino Pro™

Brand Definition

︎︎︎ Brand & Creative Direction

Arduino® is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.

Arduino has drawn on its experience in frictionless design to enable enterprises to quickly and securely connect remote sensors to business logic within one simple IoT application development platform. That's when a new sub-brand was born. No matter how big or small a business is, Arduino Pro™ is here to support professionals pushing for change. This new brand branch offers business-oriented solutions and products, and has its own visual language.

︎Role - Brand & Art Direction
︎ with the support of Isabela Freire

︎Photography Alberto Morici
︎3D Renders Tugrulhan Ektuna & Fabricio Troya
︎Project Management Laura Balboa
︎Direction Massimo Banzi & Fabio Violante


Arduino Pro introduces a dark mode to the Arduino packaging world. It brings new visual and tactile experiences with the use of fine finishing effects, such as embossing and UV coating on the top. When the box is opened, it reveals the Electric Lime inside, where the board is safely secured. The Pantone shade and color name were custom-made.


We also designed a dedicated website for the brand. Visit the Arduino Pro website to learn more about its offering.

Booth Design

With the support of an external designer, we also designed a custom set of booth layouts, and dedicated visual assets, abstract patterns, and guidelines to properly portray products, demos and merchandise.

Photo Gallery

We also art directed the photography for the Arduino Pro series, beautifully post-produced to highlight every fluorescent accent.

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