Nano RP2040
Launch Campaign

︎︎︎ Marketing Campaign
The introduction of the Nano RP2040 marks a significant milestone for my team at Arduino, signaling the onset of a new era in our visual production.

Thanks to the contributions of Tugrulhan Ektuna and Fabricio Troya, we made the decision to incorporate 3D assets into our marketing campaign for the first time. The launch of the Nano RP2040, a new addition to the Arduino Nano Family, provided the perfect opportunity to initiate this approach.

︎Role - Creative Direction
︎3D Design - Tugrulhan Ektuna
︎Art Direction - Fabrizio Garda
︎Marketing Strategy - Anna Viganò

Key Features and Deliverables

The Nano RP2040 is distinguished by its compact size, yet it boasts impressive technical capabilities that empower our users. To capture this unique paradox, we centered our concept around "The smallest board with the mightiest features," effectively illustrating the inverse relationship between the product's size and its powerful functionality.

To achieve this, we opted to enlarge the board, creating the impression of a colossal device in comparison to the individuals interacting with it. Transforming the smallest board in the Arduino ecosystem into a towering giant, we aimed to convey the immense potential it offers to our users.

︎ Credits:Check at the beginning of this project page for full credits.
For the visual production of this campaign, we turned to Blender, an open-source 3D development tool, as our primary choice.

Results & Impact

As previously mentioned, this campaign stands out as a pioneering endeavor due to our unique approach to conceptualization and visual execution. The overwhelmingly positive response from both internal and external audiences underscores the effectiveness of employing 3D design as a preferred method for illustrating intricate analogies or conveying complex messages.

Challenges & Solutions

One of the significant decisions we made early on was to incorporate 3D design into the campaign, a departure from our previous approaches. This decision opened up new creative possibilities and allowed us to effectively convey the product's capabilities in a visually engaging manner.


Overall, the production process for the Nano RP2040 campaign was a testament to the power of creativity, teamwork, and innovation. By embracing new techniques such as 3D design, we were able to elevate our visual communication and create a campaign that resonated with our audience, effectively showcasing the Nano RP2040's capabilities and potential.

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