Arduino Merch
Capsule Collection

︎︎︎ Branding and Creative Direction
In 2022, I had the pleasure of contributing to a small, yet quite impactful project: the development of Arduino's inaugural merchandise capsule collection. Working closely with the store, and marketing teams, we produced compelling pieces of merchandise, from hoodies to t-shirts and patches. Our efforts culminated in a dedicated photoshoot to showcase the capsule's offerings and generate buzz for our marketing endeavors.

Throughout the year, Arduino consistently experienced strong demand for its official merchandise at various events. In 2022, we made a firm commitment to meet this demand by collaborating across different functional teams. This collaboration led to the development of an official merchandise line intended for events, marketing initiatives, and internal activities such as crafting welcome packs for new employees and organizing team-building exercises.

︎Role - Graphic Design and Photo Art Direction
︎Marketing Support - Anna Viganò
︎Icon System and scenography support - Fabio Ferrero
︎Store Support - Adele Perni 
︎Photos - Alberto Morici
︎Models - Pier Luigi Vona, Silvia Galfo, Umberto Baldi, Sara Dragone, Stefano Implicito, Giulia Cioffi

Key Features and Deliverables

︎ Credits:
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The project encompassed various elements outlined in the original request: hoodies, t-shirts, a collection of patches, and associated marketing materials for promotional and advertising purposes. The initial briefing emphasized the importance of designing merchandise that would resonate with the entire community, irrespective of gender. Although Arduino's customer base leans predominantly male, we opted to create items that would transcend gender boundaries and resonate with every facet of Arduino's global community.

Although Arduino's customer base leans predominantly male, we opted to create items that would transcend gender boundaries and resonate with every facet of Arduino's global community.

Results & Impact

Since 2022, the merchandise collection has been incorporated into the welcome packs distributed to Arduino employees. Countless individuals now sport their Arduino hoodies on a daily basis, with some showing signs of wear and tear from frequent use. This ongoing usage is a testament to the enduring appeal and practicality of the merchandise among Arduino's team members.

Challenges & Solutions

Creating and documenting the inaugural capsule collection posed its challenges. Arduino's unique visual identity, typically limited to teal green or neutral grey, resulted in repetitive and predictable designs. To break free from this pattern, we opted for a bold approach, introducing new colors that remained consistent with the brand's primary palette. This departure allowed us to explore fresh avenues and potentially foster collaborations with new designers and illustrators, showcasing their unique styles while maintaining alignment with the overarching brand identity.


The development of Arduino's merchandise capsule collection in 2022 exemplifies the collaborative and innovative approach of the company. From its inception, the project aimed to fulfill the demand for official merchandise at events while also creating items that would resonate with Arduino's diverse global community. Through the collective efforts of various teams, including marketing, design, and operations, a range of high-quality products was produced, such as hoodies, t-shirts, and patches. These items have not only served their initial promotional purposes but have also become integral parts of Arduino's culture, included in employee welcome packs. The continued daily use of the merchandise by team members underscores its enduring appeal and practicality, showcasing the project's success in fostering community engagement.

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