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Since its founding in 2012, Arduino has evolved under Giorgio Olivero and Vanessa Poli. In 2023, the visual design team launched the Arduino Brand Hub, a resource for designers and employees, offering guidelines for brand consistency in elements like color, font, and photography.

In 2023, as the visual design team, we took it upon ourselves to create a brand website aimed at enhancing the quality and consistency of our work. This platform offers guidance and support to freelancers, agencies, and employees alike in representing the brand and adhering to best practices. Until then, there hadn't been a comprehensive brand hub despite the company's considerable growth, making it a priority. The Arduino brand encompasses multiple product lines, including Arduino Education and Arduino Pro, each tailored to specific audiences with unique tones and aesthetics. The website was designed to reflect this complexity, providing clear information and structure regarding color balance, tone of voice, image treatment, font hierarchy, and more.

︎Role - Visual Content Production and Content
︎In Collaboration with Fabio Ferrero, Tugrulhan Ektuna, Fabricio Troya, Ilaria Bocca, Giulia Loi
︎Content Validation - Sara Therner, Maria Tonini, Stefano Implicito, Lucrezia Carnelos, Massimo Banzi

Key Features and Deliverables

The Arduino brand hub materialized as an exclusive website accessible solely to partners and employees. It houses guidelines on logo usage, media packs for partners, color ratios, image and video guidelines, and more. Now open to all Arduino personnel, the hub serves as a singular source of authoritative information for the entire team.

The development of the brand hub was a collaborative endeavor involving the Visual Design, Marketing, and Trademark teams. Working closely together, we focused on streamlining the site's content to provide clear and concise guidelines and support, particularly for those unfamiliar with branding and marketing activities. The website was meticulously crafted by the Visual Design team using Standards Site, a specialized tool for creating digital brand guidelines. This platform is trusted by leading brands such as Pentagram, Deliveroo, Skillshare, Cash App, and numerous others in the industry.

︎ Credits:
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Results & Impact

Following the brand hub's completion, we promptly observed enhanced consistency in brand usage across all channels. We received exceptional support from agencies, freelancers, and internal teams alike, offering invaluable feedback that informed subsequent iterations of the hub.

Challenges & Solutions

Creating a brand hub has been a project our team has aimed to undertake for the past five years. We identified the primary challenge as aligning all teams regarding the objectives of this hub. Through numerous discussions, we pinpointed the main pain points and purposes of a brand hub, shaping our solution accordingly.

This experience highlighted the importance of rapid prototyping and visual representation for teams less accustomed to working with visual content or brand representation. It underscored the potency of visual media as a tool for sharing and discussing concepts.


The development of the Arduino Brand Hub stands as a remarkable achievement that spurred the visual design team to validate their work and the value they contribute. Companies frequently grapple with recognizing the significance of effective brand representation, cohesive tone of voice, and impactful visuals that convey potent messages. This experience united the team, culminating in a platform that not only showcases our team's accomplishments but also illuminates the intricacies of brand utilization. It underscores how a visual design team can shed light on this multifaceted aspect for both employees and customers.

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