6 Years
of D. J. Trump

︎︎︎ Illustration
Ever since Donald Trump has been elected president in 2016, his management approach, from government administration, to foreign affairs had pivoted around hate; to other countries, to other etnicities, to other political parties. Hate seems to be the natural element in which Donald J. Trump always dwelled comfortably.

These 6 years had me involved in politics on a personal level several times, so I felt the urgency to express my thoughts, here few illustrations I produced during his mandate.

Work in progress

As I often do in my work, I use movie references to express and emphasise ideas; here the iconic scene from oscar winning movie, American Beauty (1999) immediately made the link. Instead of rose petals, angry emojis pour from the sky covering a satisfied Donald Trump depicted in his birthday suit. A scene well known for its sensuality here is twisted with a grotesque turnover.

Work in progress

Whenever I think about the United States, it’s always the history of cinema that makes the link with what I know the most of their culture. While trying to express my relief in realizing Trump has been beated at the 2020 election, the immediate image that came to my mind was the one of the white collar guy that has been fired from his job.

As in those scenes, seen so many times in the movies, also this time Donald leaves office with his stuff (McDonald’s Happy meal included) for good.

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